This is a updated page as of 6 June 2022. If you have any brags or news, forward to me. Please supply photos with dog and owners names. And if you want a caption to be included with the photos.
This is a photo of Coco, owned by Russ and Sharon Marburger. She has attended classes in every session since June 2021. With all of her training, she was able to get her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) and is now officially a pet therapy dog with a local organization.
Below are photos of English Cocker Spaniel "Matt" , English Springer Spaniel "Gibbs" earning a new UKC obedience title with Patty Snider and judge Joan Dandy., Chinese Shar-Pei "Seriously" after earning his AKC Scentwork Exterior Advanced title., owned by Patty Snider and Darin Cox.

Therapy dogs at New Cumberland Library.

 Nova, owned by Matthew Burlew.

Untouchables Party With Pebwin “Rita” Golden Retriever Best puppy in UKC Conformation Nov 2021, owned by Diana Trout.


Poodles, Hobbes and Neely, owned by Marguerite Plank, with win photos at OTCH.

Picture 1 is of my Katy-Ann participating in a scent class at OTCH. You can see the silver tin in the sidewalk that she had just alerted. Picture 2 -the dog going through the hoop tunnel is my Lilly who is UKC UGRACH5. Picture 3 - the red tri, Red, is also UGRACH5. Picture 4 - the dog walking up the dog walk is Gracie, UGRACH. She was the top dog nationally in 2020 in UKC All-Stars AG2. Red and Lilly have also been multi year All-Stars. Picture 5 - the photo is Sam, who is UKC BA. He was a beginner this year, though nearly has his USDAA Master Performance Dog, closing in on his championship with that organization. The remaining pictures - the agility photos were taken at Dandy Dog’s facility, where OTCH holds their trials. Dogs are owned by Cheryl Johnson



Photo of Finnegan Piper Campbell, owned by Connie Tichenor.


Photo of Cassie in Freestyle competition, owned by Ann-Elise Rossetto.